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Avocado Hydrating Lotion Avocado Hydrating Lotion

Enjoy this luxurious skin quenching super hydrating lotion. Made with all natural and vegan products.

Ingredients: Water, Saponified oils, vegan wax, Avocado Oil, preservative and
Essential Oil and/or Fragrance Oil.

Directions: Apply a small amount to your hands and rub over desired area. Repeat as necessary. Avoid eyes and mouth

Shampoo Bars Shampoo Bars

These are amazing shampoo bars that are all natural and organic.
They will leave your hair shiny, smooth and ready for a style!

As amazing as all our body products are!! We have updated our products and our ingredients!! Yea, we know, this one goes above and beyond AMAZING!

Sodium lauryl sulfate, DHL, BTMS50, Silk enzymes, Cocoamodopropyl betaine, cocoa mate, organic coloring.

we have multiple scents!!
Grapefruit with Henna
Tea Tree
Berry scent
Coconut scent
Cool man Scent

and more to come!!

: $10.00
Conditioner Conditioner

Hydrating conditioner

Great conditioner for fine thin hair.

Ingredients: Water, emulsifying B-50, Vitamin B-6, Jojoba oil, argan oil, Silk infusion with a hint of Peppermint

: $12.50
Conditioner Bars Conditioner Bars

Made with deep conditioning agents and coconut oil for clean healthy hair!
no chemicals, leaving hair shiny and strong!

ingredients: BTMS 50, panthenol, silk, natural color ants or micas and last essential oils or fragrance.

: $12.50
Bath in a Tube Bath in a Tube

Bath in a Tube
Add a little add a lot!
Lavender Himalayan Tube
*Pink Himalayan Salt
*Epsom Salt

Chamomile and Jasper
*Pink Himalayan Salt
*Epsom Salt
*M. Speciosa

: $16.50
Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

Combine both in one great buy!
(See shampoo bars and conditioner bars for ingredients and "how to")

: $20.50
Daily Foliate Daily Foliate

Daily Foliate is a great exfoliating product that can be used DAILY with you Facial Klay Bar and followed up by one of your favorite facial Oils or Facial Mousse.

Made from pharmaceutical Colloidal Oats and Rice grains, with a hint of pink grapefruit

: $25.50