SK Kids
No Child Hungry

Help Feed a Child today in School
Thank you for supporting our cause. Soap Korner believes that all children should be able to eat and should not have to go through a school day hungry. Children now a days have more to worry about in there day. They should never have to worry about eating.

By purchasing our Bath and Body products you automatically donate to the cause skkids. This is another way for you to donate an additional amount.

Thank you for your support and Soap Korner cannot wait to start feeding our children.
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SK Kids
No Child Hungry


During school, Children should only have to worry about learning. During the day there are hundreds of obstetrical that get in the way of a child's brain. Food should not be one of them. 

The meals at school are already small and do not give our children the amount a growing child needs, when the food is taken away from that child, their brains are no longer able to hold the necessary information it needs to get through the day.

Soap Korner has come to the conclusion that our children need to eat. Fuel for the body gives fuel for the brain.

 Lets feed children today. With the purchase of Soap Korners Bath and Body Products you already donate 2% of your total purchase. Here is the chance to donate a little more.

Fallon and Josh truly appreciate your help.